The rambler

Some Information you might like to know – or rather, I would like to share.

Number of times I check newssites per week: 5 – every weekday before I start work, I do the rounds. I have four I check literally every day, Der Spiegel, FAZ, CNN (US edition) and Washington Post. Sometimes I also read the comment pages on the New York Times, espeicially if Donald Trump has said something extreme that day (so fairly often).

Number of books on my kindle app: 1214 Of those, 154 are Fantasy, 147 Science Fiction, 135 Historical Romance, 47 Crime, 2 Poetry, 39 non-fiction and 27 written in German (everything else is written in English). These numbers go up constantly, so I don’t guarantee their accuracy.

Number of countries I have lived in: 3 – Germany 24 years, England 6 years, Canada 1 year

Number of parties I have voted for so far: 3, plus in a local English election for police commissioner I voted for an independent candidate (who lost spectacularly of course).

Number of albums I own: 134 of those almost half are Musical or Soundtracks of films (and three TV Shows). Yes I know, but seriously that’s how I get to know new music because I don’t listen to the radio very much

Number of cars I own: 0 – My walk to work is about 200m, though this will double because we’re moving down the street. I still don’t see a car in my near future though…

Any more questions? Feel free to ask!


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