Fiction blunders: Alien mega planets

I always cringe when I read a book and am told that a human now comes to a new world that is much, much bigger than Earth. If a human were actually to step onto such a world they would likely collapse (and by that I mean end up flat as a pancake with organs and bones ruined) much less move around. The reason for that is that the gravity of a planet is directly related to its size, which is why Neil Armstrong was able to jump around wildly on the moon.

The best example of somebody taking this into account is the book series „John Carter of Mars“ that Disney tried to make into a successful movie franchise but, well, it flopped hugely. John Carter is transported to Mars and has Superpowers because the Earth’s gravity is much higher than on Mars. The premise is good but I never got past the weirdness of a historical figure in a science fiction setting. Also, the film was truly terrible!

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