Chaos in my country

I volunteer for an initiative of our local Christian community, called „WElcoming new neighbours“. Together with three others we run a German speaking class once a week for two hours. We have regular attendees (5-6) and some who only come once in a while. it is great fun! I learn so much about Syria, about all the other countries, some Arabic words and we laugh together even if we don’t always understand each other.

Through this group I have gotten to know the German „system“ of dealing with the refugee „crisis“.  It’s not a system. I am currently writing a three-part series of someone’s journey to Germany – in the last one he has to travel around Germany in order to be allowed to live with his family who have been here a few years already.

Another one lives in housing that, in my opinion, is not fit for human habitation. Yes I have seen worse. In Liberia! Are we really comparing Germany and Liberia now when it comes to housing?!?

This chaos though, is the result of disinterest – by the general public, by the press, by politicians and bureaucrats. This disinterest is completely accidental I think. The more chaotic the circumstances the more likely people are to leave by themselves and the less likely refugees are to meet the requirements (learning a foreign language when you live with 4 in a room is next to impossible!).

This chaos, wanted or not, therefore results in saving money for the German taxpayer. Why can nobody see that it also costs us a lot – goodwill of those we are basically mistreating, well-educated workers that might contribute to the German economy and if they still leave, contribute to peace-keeping and nation-building in their own country, where we can then sell our stuff.

Also, it is our bloody duty to care for the sick, the homeless and the hungry!


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