Not sleeping

Middle of the night. My feet hurt because I was wearing the wrong the shoes and no socks. I am tired but cannot sleep. Do you know that feeling, when your eyes are tired and you are exhausted but your brain is still working like it’s the middle of the day?

I just want to sleep. I just want to close my eyes and find peace, quiet and rest. Instead my brain is thinking. I can hear the synapses firing ratatatat. My back hurts and there is no way of being comfortable while lying down. There are a million things I notice as I lie here with my eyes wide open. The dancing shadows from the trees outside my window. The sound of the odd car travelling down the street outside my house. The train going 100m away, that you can’t hear during the day but in the quiet of the night feels like it is only two metres away. Peeping from the power plant that is over in the next village. The night makes it all scream at me while in reality is barely above a whisper.

I turn on my audio book. I can’t seem to concentrate on Harry Potter tonight. I kind of know the books by heart so it doesn’t matter. Classical music finally makes my head quiet down but still can’t sleep. I am signing off now, hopefully writing this will have helped. Good night and sweet dreams.


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