In praise of Lindsey Graham

I never thought I would say this: Lindsey Graham is a courageous patriot. I admire his stance on principle over party politics. Yes, the Senator who brought us many eye rolls and got me to shake my head in disbelief more than once! He has been speaking out against Trump from (almost) the beginning.

Ted Cruz’s most famous anti-friend endorsed Ted Cruz – because he knew that Trump needed to be stopped. (His reasons: He’s not completely crazy, he’s not Trump.) He actually went on the Daily Show (he’s one of those crazy Republicans!) and dissed Trump the worst way, calling him a xenophobic bigot. That’s the first time I thought he might actually be likeable.

Then today, after Trump is the only one left running for the candidacy of the GOP (can we still call it the Grand Old Party?) he stood up for his beliefs once again and said that he would not vote for Donald Trump – the nominee of his own party!

I raise my hat to you, Senator! I bow down before you! The world needs people like you who put their beliefs, the good of their country (and in this case the whole world – can you imagine Trump with nuclear power?!?) before their own prospects. No matter who wins in November, I will remember Lindsey Graham’a brave stand!


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