Musical snob – guilty as charged

You know how there are some people who like one kind of music and that’s all they like? I have a friend who will only listen to classical music. I have another friend who (taking his belief in God to a whole new level) will only listen to worship music (he won’t attend my birthday parties becauce the music is not „pure“ enough. Yes those people exist!)

In April we opened a new event location where you can celebrate your wedding or have your corporate christmas party. One part of the entertainment was a live jazz band. They are seriously amazing, really good and we hope to book them for many more events in the future. One of the guests, who is in her late 40s or early 50s, was not impressed. Sounds like they’re still practicing, she said to my grandmother. Ouch! My grandmother, listening to exactly two kinds of music, classical and smoochy German Pop (which is truly terrible, they often just translate actual pop songs into German, at which point I can only laugh when my Grandma says, that this is real German music – but I digress), was not outraged but rather  took it to heart and told me that next time we needed better music.I told her I’d think about it (I’m not thinking about it).

I get that not everyone listens to Jazz. I get that some people won’t like music I really do. What I don’t get is, that someone will disparage somebody playing well, no matter how much they don’t like what they’re playing. Especially since I sing in the church choir with this lady, and seriously, we suck. And yes, I am a snob when it comes to this lady – I do know more about music than her and I have better tastes – guilty as charged!



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