First of all, thank you very much for reading this. My first post, of course is going to be something of an introduction to me, myself and I (sorry about this predictability, but what can you do?). I am a thirty-something (very early thirties I feel the need to add) German (girl? woman?) who like reading, likes writing and loves politics. Especially the soap opera that is American politics though right now it has devolved into reality TV. I used to live in England now I help manage my brother’s catering service, mostly planning weddings (expect lots of ramblings on that!) but also corporate events and really anyhting else. We’re not picky. If it makes us money and involves cooking or renting out equipment we’ll do it!

When I decided to write this blog I thought about what topic I want it to be on. I can’t decide. I realise that making this a not-specialized in anz way blog is going to meke it more difficult to attract followers but I really didn’t want  to write two or three (or more!) blogs because seriously – I don’t have that kind of time! I decided I am writing for myself more than anything else and so here goes my space to get things out of my head. A warning: there’ll be politics (lots and lots of politics) romance writing to dissect, talking about aliens (the fictional kind, don’t worry I am not THAT crazy!) and stuff from my everyday life. Interested? I love you already!


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