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Creating this blog was of course ridiculously easy. Thank you wordpress for giving me, the digital ignoramus, the easiest way possible to join everyone else shouting their thoughts out to the world. Basically you just click on create and the 5 step programme does the rest. Except for one thing. The very first question threw me – it asked me what my blog was about. As I mentioned before, I didn’t want my blog to be about any one thing so had to decide what it was to be going about mostly. The answer is pretty easy (politics!!!) but I couldn’t find politics as one of the options. I clicked through all the likely ones, hoping there was going to be a sub-category of some kind but- nada! To avoid confusion – I, of course, came via the German version of wordpress- maybe the English version has this category?

So to make things easier I went with weddings and events – soemthing I know very well. But really, a good portion of you guys out there must also be writing about politics! In fact I know this because I love reading you! So please wordpress, add that category. Personally I think it shoud be one of the main categories with its own subcategories (mybe comment, foreign policy, American or something like that). It should definitely be there though!


Ein Gedanke zu „creating this

  1. Your blog doesn’t have to be focused on a particular topic, although some are. And it is fine to address many different topics in your blog. As part of creating each post (article) you will identify a couple of categories that particular post is about. You will also identify tags for that same post. Tags help people in finding you. (If you look at the bottom of people’s posts you will see the categories and tags they picked for their post. You can create any categories you want, it is up to you not WordPress.)

    You would probably find the Blogging Fundamentals WordPress course helpful. I learned so much when I took it.

    I enjoyed your ramblings on this post. Welcome to the Word Press blogging community. I hope you love it as much as I do!

    Gefällt mir

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