CNN, you can do better!

Just now I watched Political Mann on CNN for the first time. It seems to be a politcal commentary show recapping the events of the week. It was interesting in that I even learned some new things, though for a news junkie like me, I was more interested in the commentary which was… meh. Be more courageous, be less equal!

What was really ludicrous: A more than 2 second story commenting on Chris Christie being a great concert goer – citing twitter feeds of fellow concert goers and researching the number of concerts he’s been to! Come on! Who cares about that? Granted, the footage of Chris Christie dancing was a little funny but it really wasn’t worth a quarter of the time they spent on it.

I am not a fan of Chris Christie. His endorsement of Donald Trump, however forced it seemed, was really the last nail in the coffin. But the man is a politician, not a reality star! Political commentary should focus on the politics, not the likes or hobbies of candidates. Yes, sometimes those cross over into politics, but whether or not Chris Christie attends concerts, and how he dances or not when he does, really does not reflect his abilities in his job. So please, CNN and any other real news outlet out there, you are not the Daily Show! They can get away with that because they are clear that they are a satire – a real news programme, even if it focuses on political commentary should stay far, far away from stupid topics that divert and distract from real problems we should be talking about!


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  1. […] There is a growing mistrust in facts and those that present them to us. This is of course not typically British but rather an international phenomenon. Whether it’s the media-hating followers of Donald Trump or the right-wing demonstrators against the „Lügenpresse“ (lying press) in Germany, there is a widespread scepticism when it comes to new information. And it’s true, that it is really easy to mislead people using „facts“. We have all read the newspaper article that was not marked as commentary yet clearly biased towrads one side. One great example describing this problem can be found here. I am also critical of the press and the choices they make. […]

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